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Starting Slow

...but getting it together.

Story by Tens May 20th, 2014

This was definitely trickier than we thought. As months passed on towards the end of last year I took some time away from touring and we put our heads together on Tens properly. Our naivety and inexperience had showed and we’d spent the last 2 year trying desperately to release a product in-time for Summer, but once the Spring had come and we were still so far away from product finalisation, we knew we’d be waiting until the following Spring to launch. 2014 had to be the one.


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What are these photos about?


The best thing about starting this whole thing was being in a ‘company’ with 2 of my best friends. Admittedly it makes it a little difficult to focus sometimes but it’s a perk.


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We spent numerous weekends spread across various bases in Scotland, our friends, girlfriends and families houses crowded around computer screens examining frames, shapes and lenses. Occasionally the sun came out and we got to test lenses properly, but for the most part it was a winter of short days & dark nights.


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