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The Central Belt

Shooting in Edinburgh & Glasgow

Story by Tens May 20th, 2014

Between Me & Marty I’d like to think we’re able to get some great images. Marty has been shooting photos forever, although he’d probably admit he really peaked in his feature for DSLR Photography in 2010. I actually met Marty because he approached me to shoot a video for one of his projects later that year. I never realised we’d spend so much time together afterwards.


What this means is we have plenty of resources to throw at shooting for Tens. We have cameras, lenses and Kris to carry my bags and play ‘producer’ (thanks Kris). What we don’t have in Scotland… is weather.


Mostly it’s grey skies, it’s pretty cold and rains often, but only in annoyingly short bursts. That’s what most of Scotland is like until May. Unfortunately we planned to launch Tens in May, so we needed to do our best to shoot some exciting content to launch with…


…there was actually a few moments of sun that myself & Marty got really excited about. We got some great shots, but mostly it was rain…


Luckily I’d managed to shoot a tiny bit of video when I was in Australia on tour in January, I took a few hours off one afternoon in Adelaide and with the hugely appreciated assistance of my good friend Hartley (& co), got a few shots on the beach to really sell that summer vibe.


What are these photos about?

Footnote: On top of this we also commissioned some AMAZING photography from my good friend Joe out in LA. Lots more of that soon I hope!